Annual report 2023: Provided assistance to one million people

A couple in Sri Lanka stand in their kitchen garden. THEY are participants in Caritas its food security project and receives training in climate-adapted agriculture.

IN Caritas Norway's annual report for 2023 gives you an insight into last year's activities and results. Never before have we provided assistance to so many people.

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Around one million people received assistance in one way or another Caritas Norway during last year. 955,061 people through our international work and around 40,000 here at home. Globally, we support people in need, help fight hunger and extreme poverty and work for peace and reconciliation. Nationally, we work to ensure that immigrants are included in working life and otherwise in society.

The numbers speak for themselves. Nevertheless, it is primarily through our meetings with individuals that we most clearly see the needs for our efforts and the results of our work. We cheer both for those who lift themselves and their families out of poverty with a little help, and for our heroes in the field, our local partner organisations, who ensure that emergency aid arrives even under the most difficult conditions.

Sr. Katarina Pajchel, chairwoman until 16 June this YEAR
A woman in the Donetsk region collects an emergency aid package sponsored by, among others Caritas Norway and Norwegian authorities spring 2023. Photo: Caritas Ukraine
A woman in Donetsk, Ukraine, collects an emergency aid package sponsored by, among others Caritas Norway via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: Caritas Ukraine

Internationally, 2023 was a year characterized by a record number of humanitarian crises, the war in Ukraine and in Gaza in particular. International aid struggled to keep up. Here at home in Norway, it is expensive time. Increased interest rates and prices hit those who have the least from before the hardest.

Caritas is charity in practice and it is needed more than ever. As we summarize last year, our prayers and thoughts go out especially to those who have lost their lives, their families and friends. We thank everyone who shares their time and commitment, for all generous gifts to our work and for the local and international Caritas stand together in the fight for peace and justice. Every single day we see that our efforts are paying off, and that is a source of hope. We invite you to join us further in our work for a more inclusive Norway, and a safer and fairer world.

Sr. Katarina Pajchel