Learn about life in Norway

Through enFASE, we offer experience and knowledge sharing among new immigrants.

A group of newly arrived asylum seekers learn about life in Norway.

Arriving in a country as a refugee or asylum seeker can be overwhelming. Everything is new and a little scary, and a lot has to be learned from scratch. To help newly arrived immigrants get started with their new life in Norway, we have collected stories and experiences from people who have been in the same situation.

It provides tips and advice that can make the first time in Norway easier. The aim is to prepare new arrivals for various challenges and what they can do to solve them.

Experience films

For residents of asylum reception centers and people who have recently settled in a municipality, we have films with interviews with people from Syria, Turkey, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Somalia and Ukraine. They talk about their experiences of integration in Norway. On our youtube channel you will find an overview of all the films.

Chat and phone

We also have volunteer experience consultants at Caritas Ressurssenter who, in different native languages, can talk about their experiences of being new to Norway and being included in society.

Experience meetings

Digital experience meetings are also arranged in different languages. We have also developed a method for how actors in the integration field can arrange physical experience meetings.

Visit the website enfase.no for more information.