Caritas Tromsø
and Svalbard

The lady writes on a whiteboard while three others follow more.
We offer Norwegian and work-related courses, as well as other activities (Photo: Shutterstock)

At our info center, we offer drop-in guidance and Norwegian courses.

Are you an immigrant looking for a job? Then you can get guidance from us, preferably in your native language. Our counselors can also answer questions about NAV, health services and contact with public authorities. Send an SMS to +47 930 04 634 to arrange an appointment.

Among other things, we can provide guidance on:

  • Job search, working life, rights, application/CV, labor market, etc.
  • Residence permit and passport
  • Education
  • Public services (NAV, tax, culture and sports, education, etc.)
  • Health (GP scheme, specialist services at UNN, etc.)
  • Services for families with children
  • About voluntary assisted return (UDI, IOM/VARP)
  • About labor exploitation and human trafficking
  • Leisure activities