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As an au pair, you can improve your language skills and become better acquainted with Norwegian society by living with a Norwegian family. In return, you contribute with light housework and/or childcare for the host family. 

The purpose of the scheme

The purpose of the au pair scheme is cultural exchange. The scheme has its origins in the European au pair agreement from 1969, which aimed to regulate and protect young Europeans moving across national borders. Now the scheme has taken on a more international character.

An au pair lives as a family member in a host family's home, mainly to learn about Norwegian society, culture and language, and to exchange cultural knowledge with friends and host family.

You are not employed as a maid or babysitter and it is important that both parties agree on the purpose of the stay. However, you are still expected to do light housework in the home and receive a salary/pocket money for this. 

What can Caritas help you with?

We can provide information about the scheme, answer legal questions, assist in solving practical problems and refer to the right authorities - be it the tax authorities, NAV, health services and others. We also assist with conflict resolution, with the aim of creating a dialog between the au pair and the host family.

Caritas does not mediate contact between au pairs and host families. Our task is to provide advice and guidance.

Social activities

Once a month, we also hold information meetings for au pairs and host families where we explain the scheme and the counseling service. We also organize social activities. Follow our Facebook pages for information about what's happening in Oslo - Bergen - Stavanger - Trondheim - Drammen.

On Facebook, you can also send us questions about anything related to the au pair scheme.

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