Courses and activities

We have a range of courses and activities to help you integrate in Norway. Here is an overview.


Norwegian course

The courses are certified and led by qualified teachers. You will be given the materials you need. Some of the courses are valid as documentation for applying for Norwegian citizenship.

We offer Norwegian courses at the following levels:

  • A1 (beginner)
  • A2 (slightly experienced)
  • B1 (forwarded)
  • B2 (independent language user)

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Language training

Every week we organize language training and language cafés for those who want to practice speaking Norwegian. You don't need to sign up, so just show up at the resource center - Hammersborg Torg 3.

Two women and a man are sitting around a table. They are smiling and there is a blackboard with text in the background.
Every week you can practice speaking Norwegian with other immigrants (Photo: Shutterstock)

Work-oriented courses

Do you have an immigrant background and higher education, live in Oslo and are looking for a job? Then perhaps our eight-week course - JOBBFOKUS - is for you. Here you'll get tips and advice on how to write a good application and CV, how to build a network on LinkedIn, as well as insight into typical features of Norwegian working life culture. You will also get practical interview training and participate in company visits. The course is free of charge.

Need help with your CV and application? Sign up for our job-seeking course for immigrants on Fridays. Information and help is provided in both Norwegian and English. The course is free, but requires registration.

Other activities:

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