Plant seeds every day

An increasing number of serious crises in the world, combined with rising global food prices, make it even more important to see emergency response and long-term aid in context.

In several countries in Africa, Caritas provides refugees with vocational training in agriculture and various crafts, so that they can eventually stand on their own feet and become independent of food distribution. The production of food, clothing, shoes and soap also benefits the local community.

Suraya (22) participated in Caritas 's project in Bidibidi in northern Uganda. She has been living with her aunt for the past few years because her father was killed in South Sudan. Every day she plants seeds. When they are big enough, she transplants and sells them. She earns a little money from this.

She gained this knowledge through the vocational training of Caritas. She attended a course in sustainable agriculture for self-reliance. There she developed good communication skills and learned how to work with neighbors and others. She also learned in concrete terms about planting and forestry, not to mention how to run a small business.

Before she got this opportunity, she had little to do. She went to school, but had no plan for what to do next. She had a small dream of farming, but that was it. Luckily, someone in her neighborhood introduced her to Caritas and signed her up for training.

Now she even helps fellow refugees with farming, while making a living from it herself.

Thanks to good people like you and our partners, we can give vulnerable people the skills they need to provide food and income for themselves and their families.